GroundTruth Tools
Collaborative Data Annotation Tools

Annotating Process

Create Project

1.Click GroundTruth Tools in the APPs Page
2. Click CREAT ANNOTATION PROJECT in the upper right corner of My Annotation Page
3. Select a dataset for annotating or create a new dataset
4. Fill in the basic information and select annotation type (if the account is not authenticated, only one annotation type will be available, and the other three annotation types will be provided after enterprise email authentication)
5. Set annotating requirements such as object label, minimum annotation area, and maximum error
6. Check the information and complete the new project

Invite Annotation Members

A user who has passed the enterprise mailbox certification can invite up to four users to participate in an annotation project. The specific steps are as follows:
1. Click INVITE MEMBER on the Project Details page;
2. Copy the invitation link and send it to the user who needs to be invited (the link is valid within one day), and the user who receives the link can log in to the GAS platform as instructed to participate in the project;

Start Annotating

1. Click the Start Project button on the Project Details Page;
2. Configure the number of tasks into which the project is split. Different tasks can be assigned to different members for annotating. Click the button to start the project after configuration;
3. Click ANNOTATION on the Project Details Page to start annotating
4. Click the Label Bar on the right to select the object label to be annotated, mark it on the picture, and click the button in the upper right corner to submit the annotating result after the annotation is completed
5. After all the annotation subtasks are completed, the task initiator can click Terminate Project to end the task.

Download/ Sync Annotation

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