Dataset Settings

On TensorBay, you can manage and set up your dataset. You can modify the dataset name, manage the dataset members and their permissions, view the storage location of the dataset, and delete the current dataset.

Only the creator or admin of the dataset can set up permissions.

  • On the Dataset Details page, select Settings to enter the Settings interface.

Modify Dataset Name/ Alias

  • After revision, click Confirm to confirm the revision. Please make sure that dataset names are not duplicated.

Dataset Visibility Settings

  • You can set the visibility of a dataset when it is created, or modify the visibility in the dataset settings.

  • If you adjust the visibility to Public, you agree that any community user can search, view, retrieve, and browse all data files in this public dataset.

Dataset Member and Permission Management

  • Select Members in the left navigation bar of the Settings page, and view all members of the dataset, including the creator of the dataset, super admins, and members.

If you are a team user, the team admin has administrative rights to the team dataset by default.

  • Add Member: You can click Invite Members to add new members to the dataset.

  • Select the member in the group member list to add. Click Send Invitation to confirm.

You can only add members in your team.

Dataset Storage Location

  • You can view the default storage information of the dataset in Storage Information in the left navigation bar.

Delete Dataset

  • Click Delete The Dataset to delete the dataset.

This will delete the dataset and all of its versions. The action cannot be undone, and any use of the dataset will be disabled after deletion.

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