Manage Data Files

Unstructured data for AI developers will be stored and managed in file forms. The data file storage is stored on the corresponding public cloud storage according to the default storage or authenticated cloud storage. TensorBay supports uploading data on the Web end or with Python SDK and Open API.

Only the Draft version of a dataset can be updated with actions such as uploading and deleting data.

  • Select Draft in the versions under the selection summary. Enter the Manage Data page in the upper right to manage data.

Types of Raw Data

Use and manage raw data of pictures, videos, audios, texts on TensorBay. Supports complex structures like continuous data and multi-sensor data.

Upload/Delete Data

  • In the Dataset Details page, click Enter Your Draft to enter the Draft List.

  • Select a draft to enter Data List (only one draft can be created on each branch for now), click Upload Data in the upper right corner for subsequent actions.

  • In the Draft Details page, click the right arrow in Data to enter the Data List page where you can find Upload Data. You can select a specific file to Delete.

  • In the Draft Details page, click Commit Draft, enter Commit message and Tag, then click Confirm to publish a new version.

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