Open Datasets

We are committed to fostering an open dataset community where everyone can acquire, use, and manage massive high-quality open datasets in the cloud.

Convenient Use in the Cloud: Start an efficient AI development journey.

Diverse Datasets

1000+ high-quality datasets: Choose from 50+ application scenarios, 30+ annotation types, and 10+ data formats Explore Datasets Now

You can accurately locate datasets not only through keywords, but also through associative-words, application scenarios, and annotation types.

By structuring the application scenarios, annotation types, metadata, and license information of the datasets, you can quickly locate the key information of the data.

Open Datasets brings together high-quality open datasets at home and abroad, creating a shared and open dataset exchange community for AI developers around the world.

Real-time Online Data Visualization

With Graviti data visualization widgets, you can preview raw data, annotations, label distribution, and attribute distribution online.

Access and Use Datasets Online

Create a copy of a dataset on Open Datasets by forking, and edit it on TensorBay.

Direct Dataset Community Support

Follow and resolve users' dataset needs, and problems encountered in the data management process.

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