Team Management

  • Enter team management: Select Team Management to the right of the team name in the upper right corner of the navigation bar to enter the corresponding team management page.

Team Profile Management

  • Update Team Profile: Only super admins and admins of a team can update team profile.

Information that can be changed:

  • Team Name: Modify your team name. It cannot be empty or duplicated.

  • Workspace URL: Set up an URL address if you have not done so yet. Note: Workspace URL can only be modified once.

  • Team Profile: Edit your team profile. Note: The number of words cannot exceed 400 characters.

  • Email Address: Update the email address for your team. The email address will be displayed on the team home page for contact use. It will also be used to receive important messages from the system. Please make sure your email address is correct.

  • Location: Change your location here.

After editing, select Update Team Profile to confirm the updates.

  • View Team Profile: After changing the information, you can click Team Profile in the upper left corner to return to the home page and confirm the display change. Team Profile is used to show your team information.

Team Members Management

  • Team Membership Roles: Super Admin, Admin, and Member.

    • Super Admin: A team founder is the default super admin of the team and has all of the team permissions. There is only one super administrator for each team. The role of super administrator can only be transferred. The super administrator cannot leave the team.

    • Admin: An admin has the same team management permissions as those of super admins.

    • Member: A member can be invited by a super admin or an admin to join a team.

  • Team Members List

In the Team Members List, you can view the number of members who have joined the team, member information, joining time, and role permissions (such as super admin, admin or member). For specific permissions and setting rules, click Role Permission Description in the upper right corner.

  • Team Members Management

    • Add member: Super admin and admin actions only Click Invite Member to enter the member invitation page.

Invite team members by entering their email addresses, and set the corresponding team roles for the invitees. The super admin can select an admin or a member, and the admin can only select a member;

After clicking Send Invitation, the system will send a message to the invitee's email. If an email address is added repeatedly, the system will only send the message once by default . Invited members should finish registration and accept the invitation within 24 hours. Re-invitation is required if the time limit is exceeded.

  • Remove Member: super admin and admin actions only

Click a team member's role settings, then Click Remove Member from the drop-down box to remove members from the team. The super admin can remove admins and members, and the admin can only remove members. When a member is removed, the member will not be able to view or use any data of the team, so please be cautious.

  • Modify team member role: Super Admin actions only.

Click role settings for a team member and select the target role in the drop-down box. Select Set as Admin or Set As Member to change the role of the team member.

Select Set As Super Admin to transfer the super administrator role. After the setting, the super admin becomes a member. Please be careful. If the super admin needs to cancel the account, he must transfer the super administrator permission to another member of the team before canceling.

  • Exit Team: Admins and members only.

In the top navigation bar, select Personal Workspace to enter the developer account management interface, and click Your Team to check the list of teams you have joined. You can select the team you want to quit and click Quit the Team to leave.

You will not be able to check and use team data after quitting the team.

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