How to Integrate TensorBay into Your Pipeline

Graviti provides multiple flexible developer tools, including PythonSDK, CLI, and Open API, to quickly integrate your data with your pipeline through specific documentation and use cases.

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Developer Tools

  • Click Developer Tools in the top navigation bar at GAS to view examples of usage of PythonSDK, CLI, and Open API. Select the corresponding tools according to your needs, and view the specific use documentation.

  • When reading or uploading data into your workspace through Graviti developer tools, users are required to use their own AccessKey for authentication. Note: The AccessKey of different workspaces have the same permissions as the workspace, and the AccessKey of different spaces are not compatible with each other.

Obtain AccessKey

  • Click Developer Tools in the top navigation bar at GAS, and select AccessKey in the left menu.

  • Click Create AccessKey to create the AccessKey of your current workspace. Note: The access permissions of the AccessKey are consistent with those of your current workspace, and each workspace can have at most 5 AccessKeys. You can also cancel the access permission of the created key by clicking on Delete AccessKey.

The AccessKey in the notification message is the key for you to access the Graviti SDK and Open API. You have full permissions for the account. Please keep the key properly. Do not disclose your AccessKey to external channels in any way to avoid malicious exploitation and security threats.

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