Manage Versions

Manage dataset versions with clarity and ease on TensorBay. After modifying the data, you can commit a new dataset version, view its historical versions, visualize version iteration, trace back any historical versions, modify version tags, delete versions, and more.

Commit Dataset Versions

  • After confirming revisions on a draft, click Commit Draft on the lower left corner to enter the Commit page.

  • After entering the Commit Message and Tag, click Confirm to complete the release of the new version.

The current dataset version cannot be updated anymore after it is committed. Subsequent data will be saved in the Draft mode, and updated data can be modified to the next version.

View Historical Versions

  • Click View All Tags on the Dataset Details page to enter and browse Commits History. Enter Commits History by clicking either Tags or Commits on the right side of the version list.

Version Iteration Visualization

  • Select Version Visualization in the upper right corner on the Commits History page.

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