Create a Dataset by Merging

This function is being upgraded and is not available for now.

Create new datasets by merging existing datasets on TensorBay.

  • Click TensorBay on the top navigation bar to enter the Dataset List of your workspace. Select Create by Merge in the drop-down box of Create Dataset. Create a new dataset by merging existing datasets

  • Select datasets to merge, and click Confirm 2/2.

Datasets that have been merged cannot be merged again.

  • Select the dataset version you want to merge in the drop-down box. The default version is the latest version, which cannot be merged. View the versions to be merged in the drop-down box. Before you start merging datasets, you can select Include Annotations or Exclude Annotations. Click Merge and Review to start merging and reviewing the datasets to be merged.

  • After entering the Merge and Review page, the system will check whether the data to be merged has data conflicts. If the data file names are the same, the datasets cannot be merged. If Merge and Verify is successful, you can click Create Merged Dataset to enter the creation page. If the step of Merge and Verify fails, please modify it according to the error prompt and try again.

  • Fill in the name information of the newly created dataset. Select the visibility (public or private) of the dataset, and click Create to complete the creation of a merged dataset. Note: When you create a new dataset by merging two datasets, the storage location of the original datasets will not be migrated.

  • When the dataset is created, jump to the details page of the newly created dataset to view the dataset created by filtering.

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