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Dataset Management: ZERO to ONE

On TensorBay, you can manage your data by uploading your own dataset and hosting it on TensorBay.

How to Create a New Dataset
  • Open Datasets can provide you with numerous high-quality public datasets. Some datasets support Fork and can be directly read and used in the cloud without downloading and data structure conversion.

  • After creating your dataset, you can quickly use TensorBay to manage your datasets using visualization widgets to preview datasets online, view dataset label distributions, and more.

Use Datasets for Your Algorithm Research

  • You can use Python SDK, CLI, or Open API to create new datasets, read your data and annotations, and use your datasets in your pipeline. For your convenience, we have prepared code samples for you to copy directly, attached on pages with relevant functions.

  • If you want to iterate over datasets, you can upload and publish your datasets directly with developer tools. This function will increase your efficiency in the process of data cleaning and backup, allowing you to quickly use datasets after release.

Accelerate Dataset Preparation and Version Control

  • GroundTruth Tools enable you to annotate your raw data and manage your annotations. It supports many people to annotate at the same time and to get twice the result with half the effort.

  • If a dataset is too small to meet your research needs or has severe data maldistribution, you can try to merge your datasets or create by filter to reduce your preparation time.

  • TensorBay's Version Control allows you to release different versions of your data and trace back any published versions at any time for a truly clear, traceable version control experience.

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