Quick Start for Developers

Start to Use TensorBay

  • Each Graviti user can get a developer community account with 100GB of free storage space. If you have signed up before, please sign in directly to your GAS dashboard and start building your AI world. You can invite your team members to use TensorBay, and see how to collaborate in a team. For details, see Collaboration.

  • On the GAS page, you can learn about TensorBay's main functions, including data hosting, version control, data visualization, team collaboration, and developer tools. You can also have a clear overview of current account details in your TensorBay workspace, including the number of datasets, the storage space used, the total capacity, the used data volume and the total data volume. You can also go to Recent Activities to quickly access your recent datasets.

  • The navigation bar on the right displays your current workspace and related information. You can switch workspaces at the top navigation bar.

The data and permissions of your personal workspace and those of your team workspaces are independent of each other.

  • On the home page Recent Activities, you can view all your activity history on TensorBay. If you share your dataset, you can also see the history of other users’ activities on the dataset.

Create a New Dataset

  • You can enter your personal TensorBay workspace by clicking Create a New Dataset or click TensorBay at the navigation bar, and select Create a New Dataset to start your data journey.

  • Enter the Create Dataset page, fill in the dataset name, select the storage location,add storage configuration, and the visibility of the dataset.

  • After clicking Create, you will enter the Create Draft page. The draft is based on the default (main) branch.

  • Click Confirm to enter the Data Upload page. Create a segment so that you can upload data to the designated segment. You can upload files from local or upload with developer tools.

  • After completing the data upload, click Back to Commit, enter Commit message and Tag as the description of the version, click Confirm to publish the new version, and complete the Commit action. The version cannot be modified after the release.

Version Control

  • After clicking Commit, you will enter the dataset details page, where you can view all the commit versions and the dataset details. Click View All Tags to see all Commit records.

  • With Version Control, you can view all data and information of all committed datasets. For details, see Version Control.

pageVersion Control

Use Data on TensorBay

You can read your dataset on TensorBay and quickly integrate the datasets into your pipeline with developer tools, including Python SDK, CLI, and Open APIs.

pageHow to Integrate TensorBay into Your Pipeline

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