Automatic Configurations
Configure secrets for workflows to protect your data security.
Secrets are encrypted variables created for protecting your confidential data. After finishing the settings of your secret, you can use it with the format {{ secret. keyname }} in workflows. The value of secrets will not be displayed explicitly in YAML files or any code so that your data security will be guaranteed when using automatic workflows in Action.

  • Entering the Dataset Overview page, click Actions to the Action Details page, and then click Configure to create or manage your secret.
  • You can also click Settings on the Datasets Overview page, then click Action Configuration to manage your secrets.

  • Click Create Secret
  • Type a name and enter the value for your secret in the input boxes.
  • Then click Create to finish the setting.

  • Secret names can only contain alphanumeric characters ([a-z], [A-Z], [0-9]) or underscores (_). Spaces and other special characters are not allowed.
  • Secret names must not start with a number.
  • Secret names are case-sensitive.
  • Secret names must be unique at the level they are created at. (For example, a secret created for a dataset must have a unique name in this dataset.)
  • Secret names can contain a maximum of 40 characters and a minimum 2 characters.
  • No limits for the value of a secret.

  • Only administrators of a dataset can create, delete, and update secrets for that dataset.
  • Members of a dataset can only copy secrets used in that dataset.
  • The value of a secret is only displayed during the creation step, after that all users cannot see the explicit value.

  • All the secrets will be displayed in the secret management list, including their names, updating time and all the history operations. You can update or delete secrets in this list.

  • Select the secret that should be updated from the secret management list, and then click Update in the operation bar. Enter a new secret value in the pop-up window. Click Update to complete the procedure. The updated secret value will be automatically referenced when you use it the next time.

  • Select the secret that you want to delete from the secret management list and click Delete in the operation bar.
  • Click Delete again in the pop-up window to confirm your operation.
Deleting a secret may cause workflows using the secret to not work properly, so please be cautious.

  • To use a secret, you need to go to the secret management list to copy its name.
  • Once the name is copied, you can use it with the format{{ secret. keyname }} in the YAML file of a selected workflow.
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