Create an Evaluation

  • Click Apps on the top navigation bar on the GAS page, and then click Sextant to enter to the page of Sextant.

  • Click New Evaluation on the upper right corner to enter the new page of the evaluation.

  • Fill in basic information and select benchmark data and the categories to be evaluated to complete the creation.

The required information for creating a new evaluation is as following:

1. Benchmark dataset

The benchmark dataset is used to evaluate the generated metrics as a reference, such as the ground truth data. (in common model evaluation scenarios)

Currently, only the TensorBay dataset can be chosen as the benchmark dataset. If you want to use data from local or other cloud storage, please upload the data to TensorBay first. For details, please check the following article.

pageHow to Quickly Prepare a Dataset

2.Evaluated annotation types

The type of data annotation that needs to be evaluated. Currently, only Box2D is supported.

3. Evaluated categories

The categories of objects that need to be evaluated

4. IoU threshold

A preset IoU threshold. In evaluations, the IoU higher than the threshold is considered to be a hit; otherwise, it is considered to be a miss. Here you need to fill in a two-digit number between 0 and 1.

Currently, only one IoU threshold is supported to be added for a single evaluation. Please look forward to the coming of simultaneous evaluation with multiple thresholds and other related features.

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