Quick Start for Team

Start to Use TensorBay

  • Sign in to your Graviti account and switch to your team workspace that you want to enter on the navigation bar. If you haven't created or joined any team workspace, you need to select Create Team Workspace or contact your team admin to invite you. For details, see How to Work as a Team on TensorBay.


Create Your Team Workspace

  • Click Create a New Team to enter the Create Team page in your space list on the home page or the top navigation bar of the GAS Dashboard. For details, see Create a New Team.

Create a New Team
  • Enter your team information on the Create a New Team page, and invite your team members to join the team. For details, see Invite Members.

Invite Team Members
  • By default, Team Founder refers to the super admin of a team. A team founder can manage the personnel and the data of the team, regarding team data management, team member management, team asset management, etc. For details, see Team Management.

Team Management
  • After the team is created, you can enter the Team Space page, and check out the data usage profile of the current team, i.e. the number of Team Datasets, the usage of storage space, authenticated storage,and the data volume. Recent Activities displays the activity records of your team.

The data and access permissions of your personal workspace and that of your team workspace are independent of each other.

  • On the team home page Recent Activities, you can view all the activity history of you and your team members on TensorBay.

Create a New Dataset in Your Team

  • Enter your team's workspace on the navigation bar. Select Create a New Dataset to start your team's dataset journey.

  • Enter your dataset name, select the storage location and visibility of the dataset and add storage configuration.

  • After clicking Create, you will enter the Create Draft page. The draft is based on the default (main) branch.

  • Click Confirm to enter the Data Upload page. Create a segment so that you can upload data to the designated segment. You can upload files from local or upload with developer tools.

  • After completing the data upload, click Back to Commit. Click Commit and then enter Commit Message and Tag as the description of the version. Click Confirm to publish the new version to complete the Commit action. The version cannot be modified after the release.

Version Control

  • After Commit, you can enter your Dataset Details page to view all the versions and details of the dataset. Click View All Tags, and then you can view all the tags and Commit records.

  • With Version Control, you can view all data and information of all committed datasets. For details, see Version Control.

Version Control

Use Data on TensorBay

  • With developer tools like PythonSDK, CLI, and Open API, you can read your datasets on TensorBay and quickly integrate them into your pipeline with your team members. For details, see Graviti Help Center.

How to Integrate TensorBay into Your Pipeline

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