Welcome to TensorBay, your unstructured Data Management Expert

What is TensorBay?

TensorBay is a SaaS platform for unstructured data management. TensorBay provides services in data hosting, version control, data visualization, and collaboration. You can also integrate TensorBay into your pipeline using developer tools.

How to Enter TensorBay?

  • Enter our website: https://www.graviti.com. Click Product on the navigation bar, and enter the TensorBay introduction page. Learn about the main functions of TensorBay, and click Start For Free to start your algorithm journey.

  • Before using TensorBay, you need to sign up for Graviti. If you have not yet signed up, please sign up with email address or Github account. For more details, please see Enter TensorBay. If you have already signed up, please sign in with your Graviti account.

Features at A Glance

  • Cloud Data Hosting

Upload and read datasets with Developer Tools to manage large amounts of raw data, metadata, annotations online. It also supports authentication of mainstream public cloud storage services to avoid data migration. Try Now - How to Create a New Dataset.

pageHow to Create a New Dataset
  • Version Control

TensorBay provides traceable version control, supports the version management of raw data and annotations. It can easily trace the version iteration of data without worrying about any changes. Try Now - Version Control.

pageVersion Control
  • Online Data Visualization

Utilize visualization widgets that are compatible with common data formats and annotation types. Multiple previews of data distribution are provided without having to download the dataset or write code. Try Now - Online Data Visualization.

pagePharos Online Data Visualization
  • Collaboration for Development Teams

TensorBay supports collaborative data management in a team. Through flexible settings of team member roles and dataset access permissions, you can safely synchronize and share data, avoid replications and migrations of data, and efficiently cooperate to accelerate your algorithm development. Try Now - Collaboration.

  • User-friendly Developer Tools

For rapid integration of the data with your pipeline, TensorBay provides developer tools including SDK, CLI, and API with specific documentations.

pageDeveloper Tools

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